Information for Parents

ERO Report

Click here to view the 2018 ERO report.pdf


Our ration is 1 teacher for every 7 children and we also have a floating teacher to cover breaks.


We have a guinea pig (Atta), 3 gold fish and a budgie named Rocky. The children at Tiny Footsteps have a responsibility to assist the teachers to look after the animals and make sure they are well cared for.

Outdoor Activities

Playground equipment includes, ladders, boxes, carpentry table, a climbing frame, monkey bars to practice climbing, gripping and to build up their physical strength and coordination. There is a ball area for the children to advance their co-ordination with a basketball hoop and balls!

We have a big vegetable garden where children help plant and pick their own produce. These make for great afternoon tea treats.


The children are required to bring a packed lunch box. Healthy snacks are encouraged.

Afternoon tea is provided by Tiny Footsteps and children assist in the preparation. Most days we enjoy baking made by the children and fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden.

If your child is allergic to any foods, please let us know.

Sleeping and Rest times

Children sleep on stretchers with individual bedding provided by Tiny Footsteps. Each infant has their own cot and special bedding. Toddler and Preschool children needing a sleep are put down for their sleep at 12.00.


Bags should be clearly labelled and hooked on the pegs on arrival.
Please have two changes of clothes in your child’s bag.

For summer, please ensure your child has a clearly named sunhat. Sun Screen lotion is provided and applied throughout the day.

For winter, please provide a warm hat, raincoat and gumboots.


Please let us know if your child is sick and unable to attend.

If you suspect your child is sick, please keep him/her at home – especially if it is contagious. Should your child have vomited, a 48 hour period is required prior to returning to Tiny Footsteps.

Should your child become sick while at Tiny Footsteps, we will contact you and ask that you collect your child immediately.

Settling Children In

Particular attention is given to new children to ensure they settle into the Tiny Footsteps programme as quickly as possible.

We recognise the change to childcare can be a stressful and challenging time for your child. A teacher is assigned to gradually show your child the routines, where to go for toileting, the correct procedure for meal times, mat times, current projects and how to ask for things. Here are some ideas for parents to help settle your child in – particularly the younger children.
As often as possible before your child is to attend:

  • Become familiar with your child’s teachers
  • Stay with your child in the first stages of transition until your child is engaged in an activity or happy with a teacher
  • Your child can bring any special toys or cuddles that might help to settle
  • It is a good idea to say goodbye once, leave and not return – inevitably your child will settle in


If your child is at Tiny Footsteps on their birthday, we celebrate the birthday with a birthday cake baked in our kitchen or for children with allergies we can make fruit platters. Parents are most welcome to join us or leave cameras for us to record the celebration.


When your child enrols they are given a special portfolio in which is recorded the early learning and experiences while at Tiny Footsteps. This book records your child’s journey of exploration and discovery, special interests and strengths. Parents are welcome to take the books home at any time.

We also offer parents an online platform Storypark to view their child learning. Storypark is a great way to share your child’s learning with family overseas.

We also have a filing cabinet with their own individual file to hold their paintings. Your child can check this at any time and take paintings home.

Communication with Parents

At Tiny Footsteps we try to make communication with parents as open and informative as possible. We recognise parents are busy and to help with communication we have put the following communication channels in place.

Fortnightly newsletters informing parents of social events, education programmes, parent and family events, environment initiatives, equipment and any other relevant information.

A whiteboard outside each building keeps parents up to date with current events.

Nappy changes, toileting and sleep times are recorded in information sheets available for parents to view each day.

Parents are encouraged to discuss freely any matter concerning their child or Tiny Footsteps with the teachers and management.


The children are encouraged to develop their interest in gardening and help with the planting.